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  • Navaminaati (Sivaranjani): Download
  • Abhinava Tharavo (Sivaranjani) : Download
  • Ungaram Padipoyindhi (Sujatha) : Download
  • Oohavoo Ooprivo ( Suvarna Sundari ) : Download
  • Kannureppa Paadindhi (Yuvaraju) : Download
  • Koluvaithava (Ananda Bhairavi) : Download
  • Koyila Pilupe (Andhaala raasi) : Download
  • Suvvee kastUri rangA (Chillarakottu Chittemma): Download
  • Vinnara alanati (Devudu chesina manushu) : Download
  • Gubulu Puttisthavu (Kalyani) : Download
  • Aliveni aanimuthyama (Mudda Mandharam) : Download
  • Revuloni Chirugaali (Pasupu Parani): Download

  • All Songs In Single File (10 tracks) : Download

    Notes :
    Ramesh Naidu is one of the best melodius Telugu music directors during the 70's and 80's.
    Ramesh Naidu always used to take the lyrics first and then came up with a beautiful melodious tune to it (only mAma Mahadevan being the other music director who does like that in Telugu). When Veturi wrote a book (komma kommakO sannAyi) recently about his association with some Telugu music/movie directors, he devoted two chapters just to Ramesh Naidu while he talked about all other great people (like mAma Mahadevan, NTR, Athreya, Balu/Ilaya Raja etc) in only one chapter on each one. He has a credit of introducing Lakshmikant-Pyarelal to the Hindi industry. Mani Sarma's dad, Yanamandra Nagayagna Sarma gAru (who played violin in "jOru meedunnAvE tummeda" song in the movie, Sivaranjani) was a permanent music conductor in his orchestra. Ramesh Naidu's last movie was Viswanadh's "swayam krushi" and he passed away a day before the movie release (Sept 3, 1987)