Gamyam mp3 songs

Cast : Naresh,Sarvanand,kamalini mukarjee
Director : Radha Krishna
Music : Es Murthy-Anil


My Favorite tracks :5 & 6 songs

1. Sound Of Vel : Click Here
2. Oneway : Click Here
3. Challegaani :Click here
4. Hatheri Chintamani :Click here
5. Samayama :Click here
6. Enthavaraku : Click here
7. Interludes : click here

The songs are meant for promotional purposes only and their sole copyright rests with their respective Audio Music Company.


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It would be of great help if you list the crew with the movie.


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thanks for ur collection.
its been fun to see ur collection everyday.
u rock..wish 2 see more updates fom u.only from u

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nice rocking songs!!!

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Hi you are doing excellent work