Ghantasala Hits Part-A

The Majestic voice of Telugu cinema at its best.
This is my first post on Ghantasala songs.
From here on i will be posting the songs alphabetically
This post contains all hits with letter "A".


  • A Manasulona : Download
  • Aadave Jalakammuladave : Download
  • Aadigo Navalokam : Download
  • Aaduthu Paaduthu : Download
  • Aahana Pellanta : Download
  • Aavesam Ravali : Download
  • Ainadedo Ainadi Priya : Download
  • Aligina Velane : Download
  • Aligitiva Sakhi : Download
  • Ammayani Arachina : Download
  • Andachandalugani : Download
  • Andala Anandam : Download

    Sbvyas said...

    please send arunachalam telugu songs

    Anonymous said...

    that was awesome.
    iam fan of ur website

    Unknown said...

    can you please post a single download link for all these songs just as you do for all other albums