Misty Rhythms- Aye Laila

Brand : Misty Rhythms
Music : Kush Khanna , Ramana Gogula
Year : 1996


  • Voices from a Stone : Download
  • Aye Laila : Download
  • Hey mama! : Download
  • Hand In Hand : Download
  • Dancing Raindrops : Download
  • Aye pilla! : Download
  • Sumeiya : Download
  • Cuckoo : Download
  • Broken Hearts : Download
  • Dance of Shiva : Download
  • Big blue eyes : Download
  • Far far away : Download

  • All Songs In Single File : Download (Part-1) Download (Part-2)

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    To Sashank for this share

    Would you believe us if i told you that the success of the band, `MISTY RHYTHMS` was all due to a girl they met in a bar?! Yes, it did! Misty Rhythms are RamanaGogula (the lead singer) and Kush Khanna. Kush Khanna is a BS graduate and CEO of Bazaar of India Imports, the largest importer of ayurvedic product and musical instruments into the USA, while RamanaGogula is a resident of Bangalore and the MD of the Indian chapter of Synbase, an international software giant.