Slow Music For Yoga

Label : Hearts of Space
Music : Various
Year : 2002


  • Black Marble and Sweet Fire : Download
  • Salva Me : Download
  • Arati : Download
  • Sri Guru : Download
  • Prabhupada Padma : Download
  • Bija : Download

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    This album is hypnotic blend of relaxing harmonies and soothing rhythms with gentle Indian fusions that will inspire the listener to connect with their body, mind, and spirit. The perfectly sequenced music guides the listener into a deep state of mind/body relaxation and revitalizes the spirit and energy.

    Against all odds, the 3000 year old tradition of yoga has become a trend. The health and longevity benefits are obvious! Now the producers of the nationally syndicated Hearts of Space radio program have brought together this collection as a background for yoga practice or any activity that requires sustained concentration. Slow Music for Yoga will slow the mind and open the heart while you stretch.Particularly enjoyable as a morning soundtrack, Slow Music also befits other types of body work, such as massage, breathing, visualizing exercises, and gentle stretching