Classical Music For Sleep

Primary Artists: Dr. Jeffrey Thompson
Label: The Relaxation Company
Run Time : 68:41


1. The Planets Suite, Venus, Bringer of Peace
2. The Planets Suite, Neptune, The Mystic
3. Adagio for Strings
4. Adagio in G Minor
5. Symphony No. 4 in C Minor, Andante
6. Symphony No. 5 in B-flat Major, Andante
7. Violin Concerto in E Minor, Andante
8. Lady Radnor's Suite, Slow Minuet
9. Sospiri, Op. 70
10. Suite for String Orchestra, Nocturne
11. Marche funebre, Lento, excerpt
12. Calm Sea & Prosperous Voyage, Op. 27

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About :

Clinically Proven Musical System to Help you Fall Asleep, Stay Asleep and Wake up Rejuvenated

Sleep is vital to your health and well-being. Yet millions of us don’t get the sleep we need to live healthy and productive lives.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s breakthrough musical system, developed over 15 years of clinical research, is proven to lead you to deep and restful sleep. You simply listen to the soothing classical, music at bedtime and specific inaudible sound frequencies, embedded into the soundtrack, help you to fall asleep easily and naturally.