Morning Show : Golimar Movie Review Hit / Flop

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Review by Ezeemp3 team

Ippati Nunchi EE website lo Frequent ga Movie Reviews kooda Publish chestham.
Most of the websites laaga Donga Reviews.. Ivvakunda.. Vunnadhi Vunnatuga cheptham..

Ala ani prathi Okkarili ma review Nacchalani Ledhu.Opinions may differ.
Yentha Kadhu anna a gud movie will always be a good movie...
So even better ga vunna movies lo kooda konni bad elements vuntai.. so avi kooda miku cheptham..
Rs.100 spend chesey mundhu Movie Yela vundhi ani Thelusukovadam lo Thappuledhu..
Alage Crores petti Movies testhunnappudu Theatre lo choodam kooda minimum responsibility.

Do watch first in theater.then further can be online.
Please Do watch the film and write any comments. We don't encourage any stupid comments. Comments should be meaningful.
Thanks for listening .

Hope u all gonna luv this new journey....
K. maree introduction yekkuva ayyindhi.. lets go into the subject.. :)

Technical details:

Cast: Gopichand, Priyamani, Roja, Nasser, Ali, MS Narayana, Jeeva, prakash raj &Others.
Cinematography: Shyam K. Naidu.
Editing: Marthand K. Venkatesh.
Producer: Bellamkonda Suresh.
Music: Chakri.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Director: Puri Jagannath.
Date of Release : May 27 th , 2010

Kastha introduction :

Hero tho mind block avvuddhi ani dialogue cheppinchi aa movie ki black lo tickets koney la cheyyagalige director puri.
Nuvvu nanda aithe nenu badri... yeppudocchav ani kadhu annaya...antu puri movies lo dailouges vinte aa movie 100 days garuntee anaka kunda vundalem.
Alante commercial director already indusrty biggest hits lo okataina pokiri lo police element (cop story) tho inko movie chesthunnrante ante obvious ga yeppudu.. yela aney intrest vuntundhi.
Ilanti Expectations tho release aina Golimar Yela vundhi Chuddam..

Simple Old telugu Movie line. Hero-heroine-villains-fights-songs-love-hero wins.
Okka telugu ane kadhu most of the Indian movies ilane vuntai anukondi.
Ilanti old line aina kani puri way of narration, hero mannerism (heroism), suspense elements ivvani theatre ki velley la chesthai.

Gopichand (gangaram) Ee movie lo oka Orphan (Anaadha).
MS Narayana Tea Cafe lo Mornings work chesthu, Evenings night school ki attend avuthu police officer avvalane thana Dream ni nijam chesukuntadu. SI ga Duty loki join ayyina 3 days ke Thana work and dedication chusi Nazer ( DIG -his higher offcial) encounter spl ga promote chesthadu.
Appatike city lo yekkuvaina underworld mafia ni Yela end chesadu anedhi movie.
Police Ga vunde gangaram Movie 2nd half lo mafia don ( Gangu bhai )ga marathadu.
Police officer ni recchagodithe yem chesado puri jagganath thana style lo represent chesaru.
Second half predictable ga vuntundhi kani No issues.
Inthakanna movie gurunchi reveal cheyyakoodadhu.. so :) watch it on big screen

gopichand supeb ga act chesadu.
Priyamani thana role lo baga perform chesindhi. thana voice ki thaney dubbing cheppukundhi ee movie lo.

Interesting dialogues :
"Padhi mandhini mosam cheste nuvvu baagupadthaav... kaani ninnu nuvvu mosam chesukunte sanka naakipothaav."

"Police Dept ante Yemanukuntunnav Ra.. Painunna Pressures valla pattinchukom gaani..Pattinchukovadam antu modhalu pedithe Aa devudni kooda pattukuntam... "

...Dhamki dhena padtha hai...

Chakri Compose chesina 6 songs lo 2 songs Direct copy.
1. " Magallu" ane Geetha Madhuri padina song 1980's lo Italian alltime hit L'italiano ki copy.
Check the Video songs Here :
Original : Golimar lo copy song

2. " Nidharosthale "ane song Desperado(Hollywood film) movie lo tile song nunchi copy.
Check the Video songs Here :
Original Song : Golimar lo Nidharosthale song

Gundello ane melody song chala bagundhi. Movie lo kooda bagundhi.
Movie Background score bagundhi. Movie antha oka tile track tho saguthundhi. you can download the Golimar Theme song Here.

What's ur favourite song in this movie, guys?
I love gundello song .... !!

Final word:
Puri malli back to form. Movie ni sure ga enjoy chestharu. Go and Watch.

My Verdict


  1. Thanks For Your Review-B.Srinivas

  2. i have been following your blog for quite some time and this is definitely a welcome addition and a logical move from your side.

    But a simple suggestion, why don't you rebrand it as OPINION instead of REVIEW. Because, essentially what you are doing is providing your opinion on the movie and not critically analyzing and then reviewing it. If you are indeed reviewing, you should present only facts and because it is such an open ended and opinionated topic; I would suggest you use the word opinion and not review. Just my opinion! :)

  3. So...Chakri proved again every time i saw chakri on tv.. i remembered the comedy of Movie King.

  4. sure my friend. i will consider this from my next movie opinion.. :)
    thanks for ur suggestion

  5. Hi bro...i watched the movie...As u said puri is back..and i completely agree with ur review...guys u will not be bored while watching this movie in any it in theatres...

    ."Dhamki dhena padtha hai...;)"

  6. Your Review Really weired,

    I have watched the movie and it sucks in the first place except for gopichand acting which is good!!!......

    Review means not your personal point opinion but collective.....from all viewers point of view..... have started it recently....I HOPE you will learn to judge better in coming days.....

    GOOD KEEP IT UP FREN!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Hi Good Start But Dont Call it as a REVIEW , Just call it your "OPINION".

    Bcoz Review will not be True always but Opinion will Be , at least in your Mind.

  8. Golimaar- 'padi mandini mosam cheste, nuv bagupadatav....ninnu nuvvu mosam chesukunte sanka naki potav'....gopichand action is is good...but video songs not good except gundello....

  9. Hey Raghu....
    Good initiative... Review baaga rasaru...

    idi chadivevallu maximum telugu valle avutaaru kabatti Review ni telugu language lo raste inka baguntundi ani naa abhiprayam :)

  10. ee movie lo magaallu otti maayagaallu song, direct copy from our old hindi movie MANN. The song is


    if u want you can listen or downolad the link here.

    inka movie lo nuvvu vaaram batikite aa vaaram naato batuku ane dialogue kooda baaundi. but dialogues lo poori jagannath style punch miss aindi anipinchindi. over all ga movie parvaaledu.

  11. Golimaar is a nice entertainer...

    2nd haf lo super twists untayi...



  13. Hey good 3D lo vundi. Kaani 2nd half predictable annaru eee okka point maathrame wrong.... mimmalni meeru mosam chesukokandi brother......

  14. movie was good. but puri was revolving around this police and love story script why don't he go for better script.
    when do our directors come up with different scripts bored with the same old stories.