I'm Back Again :)

Hi to all my Friends,

Sorry for being offline for such a long period.
Thanks to all those who dropped comments on my blog, who even mailed to ask how I was doing.
I have been replying to everyone saying, I will be back this week, that week & never could make my promises. Apologies from the bottom of my heart and thanks for pushing me this far .
I missed you guys .. Once again Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience..!

Updates will follow soon. Many of you have asked to enable Chat-box. As a New year Gift the chat box is back again. :) Enjoy the stay.. Love u all.

Wishing one and all a very Happy New Year



  1. Best of luck Raghu...
    Wish You Happy New Year To All Friends

  2. HI Raghu,

    it's very difficult to find previous posted video songs. every time we have to check with movie name. Like previously all the video songs are came under one section provide that type to access the video songs.


  3. hai this site is very nice .i am visited to this site every day but you are stopped new updates please send the vedio songs

  4. hai this is krishna rayavarapu M.Sc,(Ph.D) ,please send the Vedio songs