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Raloxifene  Drug profile:

Also called as : Keoxifene; Pharoxifene

• This is a pyrazinecarboxamide derivative (used in treatment of tuberculosis )
•  Chemical Formula: C28H27NO4S
•  Primarily Used in the treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. and also used to  reduce the risk of breast cancer .

Reaserch new from South Korea :
can be effective in suppressing the virus mutation.

one should also avoid smoking and excessive consumption of alcohol while on treatment with this medicine.

How does it work:
It helps in preventing bone loss that can develop in women after menopause. It makes the bone stronger hence lowers the risk of fractures.

How does it work on covid infected patient?
 Initial studies  suggests that this drug can hinder COVID-19 activities at cell level in a covid patient.

Raloxifene Approved countries for the corona virus treatment
South Korea

Raloxifene Common side effects include:
• Chest Pain
• Swelling of hands, ankles, feet
• Vaginal itching
• Weight gain
 Flu-like symptoms

Serious side effects :
• Coughing blood
• Numbness in chest, arm or leg
• Short of breath

• Vision

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