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Ticks are small Blood sucking parasites. Mostly found on Dogs, Cats, Horse, Rabbit, Donkey, Cow even snakes

Where to find them on Ur dog:
1.Ears, 2.Shoulders 3.Upper leg areas. 4.Tail End 5. Between toes

How do they live?
Ticks feed by biting an animal (dog, cat, rabbit, etc) and feasting on its blood.

Tick-borne Diseases:
Lyme Disease,
Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

 How to prevent them?
 There are two types .
1. Oral  medications
2. Topical treatments & Collars with insect repellent

How long do the tick live ?
from 3 months to 3years . Depends on the availability of host

Oral products like Nexgard and Bravecto, are good preventives that will keep your pet protected.
Topical meds usually have amitraz as main composition.

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 The above mentioned product is from Cargill company. I have personally used this product for my dog and it does wonders..
Below are the few How to use guidelines which will help you in taking care of your pets.


Clean the affected area and after giving the pet its bath apply the below mentioned solution.

If its a Large animal : 3-4 ml/litre of water
Dogs & Cats : 2 ml/ litre of water

Mix the Above mentioned quantity in water and apply this diluted solution all over the pet body with thorough scrubbing. Cleaning of affected area and bathing the animal. Once you do this you can get rid of fleas and ticks.

in USA : Tick season is early summer to fall.

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These Products are made out of herbs so its safe on your pet.

Few Questions people ask very often.
Can These dog ticks harm humans?
Yes they do..

Will they attach themselves on humans just like they do with dogs and cats?


How many eggs do they lay?
Females deposit 3,000 to 6,000 eggs on the ground.


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