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Brand OLX India  Pvt. Ltd
Ad agency : Lintas Group, Mumbai
Hindi Title : Keemat bhi, kuch keemti bhi
Concept : Humanity, Friendship, Love & Positivity
Shoot Location: Pehalgaam, J&K, India
Duration: 01 min 30 sec
Directed by:- Shayondeep Pal
Subtitles in English : Yes

Verdict: : Super Heart touching video.

The concept is beautifully written and made. 
Life could be much more beautiful if u believe in love and positivity.

Watch Video On Youtube :

If you want to Download this video follow these steps:
1. Open this link
2. Copy the link and paste this YouTube link ( in the box provided and select the quality of the video (1920x1080,1280x720) and format (mp4) and click download button.

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