COVID Recovery Treatment | How to check corona virus symptoms

When Should i get tested for covid ?
If you have the below symptoms
1. Fever
2. Dry cough
3. Body pains
Get tested. Prevention is better than cure. Your early action makes it easy for you and your family. It Usually takes 28 hours to 3 days for the results of the test to come. In this Period isolate yourself from your family. Many of us make a mistake here. so avoid this. Get isolated as early as possible .

Mostly the symptoms vain off by 12 days by the symptomatic treatment.

Vital Points to Check:
Every 4 hours Monitor your temperature,
1. SPO2    (Normal range of SPO2 levels:  95-100%)
2. Pulse Rate  (60 to 100 beats per min)
3. Respiratory  Rate
This helps you to understand if you are going into ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).

Effect of Covid-19 in Males (age 50+) and Mortality Rate :

This infection is very brutal on MALES above the age of 50 plus. Those who have diabetes, hypertension, heart ailments will suffer the most. Maximum no of Deaths has been recorded from these patients.

COVID Recovery Treatment : 
This is an Effective Proven Medication on 759 Corona virus infected patients which yielded 96% Recovery rate. Both the antivirals ( remdesivir, favipiravir) showed 91% similar results.

COVID Recovery Treatment includes :
1.REMDESIVIR (Anti Viral)     /   FAVIPIRAVIR   (more info)
2.DEXAMETHASONE (Steroid).. 6mg/day (more info)
3.TOCLIZUMAB (IL6 inhibitor)

All these 3 drugs worked like magic, & within 72 hours the lungs started clearing out & they started showing drastic improvements. Now these patients are back home & on road to healthy recovery and resuming their work.

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