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Best television ads - 3 | Heart touching Indian Tv ads

Brand : Kohinoor Foods Limited, Basmati Rice
Concept TitleTrue Taste Unites
 AD Agency : Crayons Advertising, New Delhi
Music composer : Anurag Saikia
Directed by : Ravi Jain
Concept : Positivity, Healthy Relationships
Duration02 min 16 sec
Cast :- Angira Dhar (actress), Samar Virmani (actor)
Language:  English and Hindi
Subtitles in English : No

Verdict: : Beautiful

The Ad starts of between two strangers who meet in a distant country. The guy is from India and the girl is from Lahore, Pakistan. Divided by boundaries, United by love is the concept of this ad.

Personally i always feel Its never the people its always the politicians and media who have to be blamed. We all have conflicts even within us. Heart is the right place to realize. For that to happen love is the only weapon. Media and politicians always get benefited by this hate . Art can unite us. Believe and  spread the positivity when ever you have a chance.. peace.. 

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