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serrano vs jalapeno

Before you start reading this article you should be knowing the below two terms.
Capsaicin : Active chemical ingredient in chilly peppers that produces a burning sensation.
                  That's why when we eat them we get that hot sensation. Highest Concentrations of                                 capsaicin will be in seeds and veins. In simple words the inside part is more hot.

Scoville Scale: (Scoville Heat Units )
SHU  :  Measures the pungency of chilli pepper.

Remember.. Smaller the pepper size , The spicier it will be.

In terms of SHU values:
Serrano Pepper : 10000 to 22000 SHU
Jalapeno : 2500 to 8000 SHU
Winner Serrano
Serrano is thrice as strong as the jalapeno

Both of them looks similar.
Both of them have similar taste.

Jalapeno is the winner.

Jalapeno Pepper
- Bigger in size and width
- available everywhere
- below 10,000 SHU
- less spicy compared to Serrano

Nutritional Values in Jalapenos : Vitamins : A, C, B6
Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium.

Used extensively in Mexico on nachos, the rest of the world on Pizza's
 Green Jalapenos : Hotter than red ones.
Red Jalapenos: Mild and sweet in taste

When u deseed and devein the jalapenos you will have a mild taste because the heat is contained primarily in the seeds and veins. Jalapenos are named after the city of Xalapa  the capital city of Veracruz in Mexico, interestingly where they are no longer grown although they are still extensively grown throughout other regions in Mexico. Now a days its cultivated in every part of the world..

Serrano PepperLow fat, low calorie, high fiber, low sodium, cholesterol free
- Longer in size and slim
- Limited availability
- above 10000 SHU
- Don't need to be peeled
- Walls of the skin are very thin

Nutrition Value in Serrano's :Vitamins : A, C, B-6
Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, sodium, Potassium

Bigger Size, Short
 Longer, slim
 2500 to 8000 SHU
 10000 to 22000 SHU
 Less spicy
 3x times spicer than jalapeno
Thick walls
Thin walls
Available almost everywhere
 Limited availability

Benefits Of Both Jalapenos & Serranos :
-Antioxidant properties
 Vitamins A and C ( Boosts Immunity )
-Lowers cholesterol (Improves heart health)
 Reduce the risk of heart disease
-anti inflammation (Provides pain relief)
-prevents diabetes
-High in fiber
-Improves Metabolism

Do you know ?dried serrano  = Largo/ Balin/ Tipico
dried jalapeno = Chipotle
dried poblano  = Ancho

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