DO's and Don'ts of Plasma Donations for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Fighting Coronavirus Disease 2019 by Plasma Donation. (COVID-19)
Plasma Donors

Plasma is a pale yellowish liquid which contains 90% water and 10% soluble substances . It is a mixture of water, sugar, fat, protein and mineral salts. The main function of the plasma is to transport blood cells throughout our body along with nutrients, waste products, antibodies, clotting proteins, chemical messengers such as hormones, and proteins that help maintain the body's fluid balance. Antibodies in plasma act on antigen and neutralizes them.

During these COVID19 times patients recovering from COVID-19 must donate their plasma so that their brothers and sisters can combat the disease. Plasma Banks have been set up by various state governments and organizations. Donate your plasma & save corona infected patients who are in desperate need. Many people have put tremendous efforts to save your life, please do your bit to save others. If you have recovered from Covid19 & have completed 14 days of isolation, then please come forward to donate plasma.

Act noble & think for the bigger cause. You have a chance to save someone's life! So be a HERO

Who can Donate blood plasma ?
Donor age must be: 18 to 58 yrs
weight : above 50kg recommended
If You were tested positive for COVID-19
If You are fully recovered and are free of symptoms for 14 days

Who shouldn't  Donate blood plasma ?
If the donor weight is less than 50 kg
If you are pregnant
If You are a diabetic and on insulin
Your Blood Pressure is more than 140 and diastolic less than 60 or more than 90
You have uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension with change in medication in last 28 days
If you are a Cancer Survivor
If you have chronic kidney/heart/lung or liver disease.

How much ml of plasma will be taken from you?
Generally its around 400ml to 500 ml. This would save 2 patients .

Is it safe to donate blood plasma? 
Completely safe. Your body can refill the plasma within next 72 hours. 

Hyderabad Donor's:  CLICK HERE
Delhi Donor's: CLICK HERE 

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