worlds 1st Coronavirus Vaccine for Vladimir Putin daughter Russia Claims | COVID-19 Fact Check

Country of origin : Russia
Against : Corona virus
Developed by: Moscow's Gamelei Institute

The Russian health ministry claims that the Vaccine showed a positive result in human trails by producing double the antibodies than usual.

Putin in the media conference said his daughter has been administered with the experimental vaccine after falling ill. Her body temperature then fell from 38 degrees to 37 degrees.

Russia also made a deal with drug maker AstraZeneca on its potential COVID-19 vaccine which they call AZD1222

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The current vaccine is the result of  the Russian military and Gamaleya epidemiology center.

From Media research Putin had two daughters :
1.Vladimir Putin's eldest daughter: Katerina Vladimirovna Tikhonova
2. Her sibling : Mariya Vorontsova Putina

Katerina Tikhonova also runs a foundation called Innopraktika

Fact check :
On july 17th we clipped this picture from about human trails:
Link to this Pic: (source)

If everything goes perfect this will be worlds 1st coronavirus vaccine. Thanks to  Moscow’s Gamelei Center .

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